WIP Playlist

I'm one of those people who absolutely have to listen to music in order to productively write. The louder the better, and my songs of choice are constantly changing. 

My current project is a YA horror about a girl who falls for a local boy while on vacation for the summer, only to find herself caught in the middle of a string of gruesome murders that all tie back to the boy she's fallen in love with. So my playlist for this one has to be a mixture of dark and creepy, but also happy romance, to balance both sides of this story. (The innocent, cutesy romance from the beginning, and then the fear later on as she begins to wonder if the boy she loves is the one chopping people into little pieces in the woods.)

The playlist is ever evolving, but at the moment, this is what I'm listening to:


  1. Megan, how in the world can you keep the words you're writing from getting tangled up in the lyrics you're listening to? I'm a fan of listening to music while writing, too - but it has to be either instrumental or world-beat with non-English lyrics (the exception is the reggae band Midnite, whose lyrics are hardly recognizable by the left brain anyway!). BTW, love your #CP Match idea!

    1. I don't know, I find it harder to write in silence than when I'm listening to music. Maybe because I can tune out the world a little better when there's music blaring in my ears. Haha!