Editing Services

In addition to my own writing, I've also been freelance editing for several years now. I found a love for working on other people's projects after I became a Pitch Wars mentor in 2015, and have been freelancing ever since. I'm also a book coach with Author Accelerator, offering me the unique experience to not only help with finished projects, but the know how to coach writers through difficult revisions, and the drafting process as well.

Editing is my passion. Taking writers from "I don't know how to fix this" to their own personal lightbulb moment is my favorite thing in the world, and being able to help writers make their books better is incredibly fulfilling. Writers I've worked with have gone on to self-publish, sign with agents, and go on submission to major publishing houses. I'm working on a testimonials section to be added to this page in the near future, too.

If you're interested in working with me, all my information is below! Simply fill out the inquiry form at the bottom, and I'll contact you directly to answer any questions you may have, learn more about your project, and see if my services are right for you!

At this time I am only taking edits for FICTION in the following categories:

Young Adult (All Genres)

Middle Grade (All Genres)

Adult (Romance, Historical, Fantasy, Horror, Speculative Fiction, and Thriller.)

I am not the person to edit your memoir or non-fiction.


Query Critiques: $30

Includes two passes. I'll make initial notes, and then take another look once you've revised (if you choose to) based on my initial feedback. 

Additional passes beyond the included two are $10 each.

Synopsis: $40

Includes two passes on your industry standard synopsis. 

Max 10 pages, please.

Query and Synopsis Package: $65

Includes two passes of both your query and your synopsis. 

Opening Pages Critique: $60

This edit is designed to help ferret out problems in your opening. Does your story start out in the right place? Too slow? Too far into the action? Are there initial pacing problems? This edit is designed to catch opening chapter issues, that may be a red flag for agents/editors, or things that may cause a reader to lose interest.

Max 30 pages included (Additional pages at $2 each)

Edit Letter: $1.00 per manuscript page

Just want some big picture feedback? I'll read your entire book, and write up an edit letter that covers plot arc, characters, setting, emotion, and the state of your opening and ending chapters. This service is designed for people gearing up for a full manuscript edit, who'd just like a little more direction in where to start/what needs to be changed.

*This service is for the edit letter only, I won't make any in-line changes, or comments on the document itself.

Full Manuscript Developmental Edits: $.008 Per Word. 

This edit includes full in-line notes on your entire manuscript, covering everything related to the plot/story itself. 

Character development/emotion/motivation, romantic development (if that applies, I'll identify plot holes, look at the rise and fall of your plot, your story opening, the ending, dialogue, overall pacing, tension building, and your premise itself. 

This edit also includes line editing (things like sentences structure, paragraph structure, word choice, character voice, and overall readability of your pages) and an edit letter for big picture notes.

Book Coaching: Paid monthly, for as long as you'd like to be coached.

This service is for those who wish to be coached and edited as they write or edit their novel, to ensure a cleaner draft or a more efficient revision-- depending on where you're starting. This service is fantastic for those who are just starting out with a new project and want feedback as they draft, for writers who have a finished draft but aren't sure how to revise or where to start making changes, and everything in between.

Weekly deadlines help increase productivity while the weekly feedback on your pages keeps you headed in the right direction and using your time as efficiently as possible as you move through your manuscript.


  • Weekly or bi-weekly deadlines (your choice)
  • In-line edits on your pages, returned at the end of each week
  • Emailed feedback, with big picture notes (essentially a weekly edit letter)
  • Email support for any questions that pop up throughout the week
  • Brainstorming phone calls
  • Monthly progress check-ins

 Monthly service. Contact me using the form below for pricing!

Plotting Workshop: $250 

This is an individualized course for those writers who have the ideas, but struggle with the plotting. I'm a plotting ninja and one of my most favorite things to do is sit down with a CP and help them flesh out their story. We fill walls with post-its and plot out their entire book, and at some point I really wondered why this wasn't a service I offered privately. So now I do!

This month long workshop is tailored to each writer, designed to teach you how to plot a compelling novel from the pieces you already have. And ideally, give you the building blocks you need to create a plan for the story that's been stuck in your head for so long. Whether you're struggling with this one particular book, or you're not a plotter in general, the end goal is for you to leave the workshop with a completed outline, ready to draft!


  • An introductory call where we talk about your story and make a plan for our time together
  • Weekly exercises/homework to help you take your outline from vague to fully detailed. Each assignment builds off the last and is completely personalized for your specific story. 
  • Four weekly "brainstorming" video calls to help you flesh out any problem areas and to just talk about your story in general and what you want it to be
  • And a final call to wrap up any lingering questions you may have, go over your outline as a whole, and talk about your next steps.

**Return clients receive 10% off ALL services, though not in addition to sales or promotions. Highest discount will be applied in that situation.