About Me

Hi there!!

I live in Oregon, with my kids, my two crazy dogs and my equal crazy boyfriend who somehow deals with all of it. Haha.

I love tea with lots of sugar, sappy romantic comedies, Grey's Anatomy, and the North and South miniseries from the BBC. I also love Maine beaches, peonies, swimming, Pride and Prejudice, rain, aquariums, mint chocolate chip cookies, skydiving, and summertime.

Not exactly in that order.

Most of all, though, I love to write. I love to write about cannibals, and demon trains, and cute boys stuck in purgatory. I love to write about love and the things that get in the way of love.

When I'm not writing my own books, I'm a freelance editor/book coach with Author Accelerator.

I also created and host the #CpMatch critique partner matchup party on Twitter.

I'm represented by Mandy Hubbard at Emerald City Literary.

Happy writing!