Monday, January 5, 2015

Insert Sappy New Year's Title Here :-)

I didn't really make resolutions this year.

Or last year.

Or the year before that.

Mostly, because I know myself, and I know that making resolutions for a new year pretty much guarantees they'll be forgotten by the end of the month. But there are some things I've had on my mind for the last couple months that I definitely want to focus on in 2015.

This time last year I was querying. I think I actually sent my first query letter EVER on January 2nd. And now, a year from hitting that send button in a neurotic haze of gummy bears, I've signed with my wonderful agent, and completed multiple rounds of pretty substantial edits, both as a client and before. I plotted out three more books. I put together CP Matchmaker and got to see that help tons of other writers. I was invited to join the YA Misfits, and finally started to make a dent in my massive TBR pile. (Especially over the holidays.)

2014 was really, really good to me.

And while signing with Mandy was a giant sparkly highlight, what I loved most about last year was making so many amazing new friends. I got to know other clients at D4EO, as well as the wonderful ladies at the Misfits. I met so many awesome people during the #CPMatch twitter parties, and got to see several of them go on to sign with agents, win contests, start new projects, and get book deals.

For every exciting moment of my own in 2014, I can think of at least a dozen other things that happened to my writer friends, and it's those things that made my year one to really remember.

I have high hopes for myself in 2015, and there are so many things I'm looking forward to, but I am also itching to see what's in store for you.

This is our year to keep moving forward, no matter what that means to you. Agents, book deals, new projects, defeating writers block, or whatever else you hope to accomplish. We've got this.

Happy (belated) New Year, everyone.