Friday, December 13, 2013

Want To Hear About My Week? DO YOU?

Well ok, since you asked… :-)

In my last post I talked about obsessively refreshing everything Pitch Wars related. Counting down the days to December 11th was getting really, really stressful. (By the way, I have NO IDEA how I'm going to query without going completely grey. AT 24!)

So on Tuesday I decided to stop looking at Twitter and stop checking my email. It was the day before the reveal and I was tired of my stomach being in five thousand knots. And I didn't actually change my mind a few minutes later! Which is strange, because my willpower is basically nonexistent.

ANNYWAY, I sat online, chatting with my CP's most of the morning, and they were all:

"I've been checking #Pitchwars every few minutes, and I didn't even enter. I don't know how you're not looking at it."

I made a smiley face and kept editing.

"Megan, are you excited? It's tomorrow!"

Another smiley face. And kept editing. (At this point I thought I was being pretty cool. I entered the contest and my CP's were freaking about it more than I was! Score!)

Then, "Megan, something is happening on Twitter."

I chewed on my lip.

"WHAT?!?!? They're talking about a reveal, Megan! Are they going to announce the winners a day early?"

Surely not, right? I mean, why would they do that? Why would Brenda Drake, in all her awesomeness, suddenly decide to put us all out of our misery?

"They're saying something is going to happen in 5-10 minutes!!!"

I closed out of EVERYTHING and opened Twitter. Sure enough dozens of mentors were tweeting about SOMETHING happening in a few minutes. There was talk of the "surprise" being delayed, and I paced back and forth nervously refreshing every few seconds.

And, all in all, I still thought I was being pretty cool about it. I mean, I hadn't reduced to a crumble of Megan in the corner of my living room, rocking back and forth like a crazy person.

That was a bonus right?

Then Twitter exploded with links to Brenda Drake's newest blog post. This one. The one revealing all the mentor picks. And as I scrolled and scrolled, looking for the four I submitted to, my heart raced, my palms sweat all over the keyboard, and my feet danced around like a toddler avoiding the bathroom.

And there it was. 1st alternate to Megan Whitmer! Who is lovely, and helpful, and quite possibly the nicest person ever!

Right about then, when I saw my name in that 1st alternate slot, I lost my cool.

It was a little something like this:

Minion kind of happiness, mixed with an extremely embarrassing happy dance, that THANKFULLY nobody could see. From what I hear there were 2700 Pitch Wars submissions, and based on feedback from the other mentors I submitted to, I made it to the top 10 with 3 out of 4. Something I never, ever expected to be able to do.

The rest of my week paled in comparison to Tuesday, even though I got another 30 or so Twitter followers including a few that made me crazy-smile. The validation that what I'm doing and what I'm creating my actually go somewhere, and isn't a huge waste of my time, is so priceless I can't even describe it. And I wish that for anyone who hasn't felt that yet, as well as high five everyone who has. 

It's the best feeling in the world.



  1. Yay for you! I was on the edge of my seat waiting to hear what you would say! Congrats - it made me all happy inside to hear you got picked! 2700, ho-ly cow! Awesome, awesome job. :)

  2. AW, thank you Kimberly! You're the sweetest person ever. I'm so excited!