Thursday, October 3, 2013

Nano, or No No?

I've been trying so hard to meet all my goals so I can participate in Nano again this year. My current WIP is very slow going, but it's coming out well I think. Unfortunately, in order to finish this in time to start my next idea on November 1st I need to write about two and half chapters a week from now until then.

Obviously, having two children under the age of 5, and everyone's birthdays basically happening in a two week span from the end of September to the beginning of October, complicates things.

Normally, my writing habits tend to result in about 2,000 words a night. If that were the case with this story I'd have no problem at all. But, I'm closer to 200 words a night, if anything at all.

So I'm in need of some drafting luck. I'm sending out all kinds of good vibes to anyone who happens to read about my time crunch struggle, and I'm sincerely hoping you are eagerly anticipating your Nano experience, rather than worrying about it.