Sunday, April 21, 2013

Just Stop...

("The Picnic" by Thomas Cole)

Lately I find myself staring at my computer screen counting how many times that stupid little text line blinks at me rather than writing anything down. It's not so much writer's block, as writer stubbornness.

It's a good kind of stubborn. I'm not going to rewrite the end of my book just to turn around and do it all over again the next time I edit. If I can't get it right this time (or at least close) then I'm not going to write it.

So, last night I'm sitting there counting the line and I shut my computer off. I'd written maybe 6 words in a whole hour and I was done. I watched some TV, cuddled with my beagle on the couch, and went to bed early. And wouldn't you know, first thing this morning I sat down and the words started flowing.

You can't force it. Sometimes you just need to step away, and let your brain relax. It's why I get my best ideas in the shower or while I'm driving. My brain got to take a breath for a second.

After all, it's hard work stringing all those words together.

The next time I find myself counting the line I'm going to do the same thing. And when this book is on submission this summer I'm going to give my brain a well deserved vacation, where all it has to worry about is feeding the kiddos and not burning in the sun.

Does your brain ever need a break?

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