Wednesday, February 13, 2013

In Honor of Valentines Day, The Stories I Love:

In honor of the day of love I thought what better way to celebrate than to share my top five favorite love stories of all time? 

I think like a lot of people, I connect to a story because of its characters, and when that story has a love story that makes me dream of a happy ending, I'm one happy reader.

So here goes. 

5. Melanie/Wanderer and Jared/Ian from The Host-

 This was by far the strangest love story I've ever read. Melanie loves Jared, Malanie's body is taken over by Wanderer, Jared hates Wanderer, but Ian wants to protect her. Wanderer is lost with Melanie's emotions and feeling spinning around with her own. It was exciting and romantic in a way only a colony of rogue humans could be. I didn't have high expectations for this massive book, but I'm glad it was as long as it was, it left more time for the romance.

4. Sean Kendrick and Puck Connolly from The Scorpio Races-

From the beginning they were supposed to be adversaries. She needed to win the races to save her family home, and he needed to win to keep his beloved water horse. But somehow they still manage to help each other more than either one expected. I could read this book over and over, and over.

3. Mr. Thornton and Margaret Hale from North and South- 

Their love, hate, really love relationship caught me from the beginning and dragged me through all the ups and downs. She thinks he's a terrible arrogant person, he accuses her of knowing nothing of the world, she tries to give him the benefit of the doubt, he tries to be the person she thinks he is.

2. Clary and Jace from The Mortal Instruments-

  **** (Possible spoiler alert here) **** 

Are they perfect for each other? Are they brother and sister? Their love story has so many ups and downs that you wait and wait for the next installment to come out and resolve some of the cliffhangers. They're captivating.

1. Elizabeth and Darcy from Pride and Prejudice-

I don't think there's a single couple I've ever rooted for more in my life. There are many great love stories, but I think no matter how many I read, I'll always come back to my favorite. The classic love story of misunderstandings will always be my number one.

What couple makes you dream of happy endings? Who's in your favorite love story?


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