Friday, November 30, 2012

Ah The Sweet Sweet End....

So Nano hasn't completely come to a close in my time zone. It's only 9:30 here but, the end is looming. I've finished the 50,000 finish line a couple days ago, and would like to take the chance to congratulate everyone who has done the same.


My final word count was something like 50,877. Sharing is caring! What are you up to? Did you finish, or go down fighting? 

I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving, and continues to enjoy the holidays. I'm throwing myself into finishing my draft and running through it so I have a chance to share it with critique partners after the first of the year. 

Anyone interested in reading about a phantom train, let me know. The faster you read the better (I tend to sit around and chew on my fingernails while I wait for feedback.) 

Anyhoo! Happy Holidays everyone, be happy, safe and loving.


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