Thursday, October 25, 2012

NaNo for YouNo?

It's almost that time again, the frantic expedition to 50,000 words!

When I first started doing NaNo I was a pantser. Writing an outline was something I definitely didn't want to waste the time on, but the end result was too garbled. So now I'm a reformed pantser, and I outline everything.

I've been working on my outline for three weeks now, and I'm determined to find the time to finish it in sometime in the next 6 days.

What's your NaNo strategy? Pantser, or outliner?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Understanding Being A Writer

I've noticed over the last few years that the only people who really understand being a writer are other writers. I'll be agonizing over a huge plot hole or wondering how to make a character less annoying when I suddenly notice whoever I'd been talking to- be it my husband, mom, best friend, Starbucks lady- is rocking that glassy eyed look. You know the one, where they're there, and they physically hear you, but mentally they're a thousand miles away? And who can blame them really? It's the equivalent of trying to have a serious discussion about a movie they haven't even seen.

I think that's why having critique partners and following other writer blogs can be so helpful. You get to see everyone else pushing through the fog of novel writing and you're surrounded by people who actually understand.

But sometimes it can be so frustrating! All I want to do sometimes is sit and talk about my story without feeling like I'm imposing. Writing can be so hard without support... 

Who listens to you ramble? Do they do it willingly or are they like my husband- fighting an eye roll the whole time? :-)