Thursday, October 13, 2011

MonsterFest, and my 100th blog post!

Yay! This is officially my 100th blog post!

It is also my 2nd MonsterFest post, (should have been my third, but my husband just got back from his Air Force duties and things have been a little crazy around here.)

So, since the post I missed was supposed to be about Vampires, and this one about Werewolves, I think I'll combine the two in a ... are you ready for it?

Vampire VS. Werewolf fight to the death!

Sounds ominous right?

Because it is!

Creature of the Moon VS the Creature of the Night!

Let's meet the contenders:

Immortal, super strong, blood sucking, badass.

Violent, powerful, often sexy, piece of scare-your-ass-off (see my last post)

Pay your admission, and take your seats. The show is about to begin.

The arena is packed.
Thousands of seats surround the battle area below.
A dome shaped cage towers over the bloodstained floor. The metal pattern- a mix of stainless steel, silver, and tungsten carbide for your protection- loops together to create a barrier between the fight and the innocent bystanders. Two trap doors stand out on either side of the floor to let the contestants in.

People are restless. A large man in the seat behind you hoots and hollers so loud your ears are ringing. The crowd is thirsty for blood.

Above the cage a massive television shows the stats of each fighter. Cliche pictures of each beast play in loops from various movies and TV shows. People laugh when they show the sparkly vampire.

No one will sparkle tonight- unless you count the sheen of blood under the harsh fluorescents.

The announcer comes over the speakers, sounding both ominous and proud of himself as he announces the start of the seventy fifth Paranormal Battle. He welcomes us all and the crowd goes wild.

They know what's next.

Without any warning at all the trap doors fly open and the Vampire contestant appears out of thin air on the floor behind it. He's tall and broad shouldered. The harsh lighting makes his skin look even paler- whiter than white, and a stark contrast to his bright red hair. He turns, almost casually and snarls at the crowd, flashing his fangs.

The people in the front row jump, but continue to cheer. The Vampire throws himself at the cage and a brilliant blue spark runs through the entire dome, finding a home in his hands. The force of the electrocution throws him backwards but that's not what seems to have harmed him.

His hands are bloody and foaming from the contact with the silver.

Then, very slowly, a hunched figure climbs out of the trap door on the other side. At first all you see is a head, and then shoulders, but they're covered in hair as black as night. The creature unfolds itself and lets out a roar so loud it rattles your teeth.

For a moment everyone is silent, and then they cheer even louder.

The announcer wishes us a good evening, and then in a low, smooth voice "May the best animal win."

A bell goes off, and without hesitation the two creatures throw themselves through the air. They collide and the sound is what you'd expect a wrecking ball to make when it smashes through a building.

The first spray of fresh blood splatters the floor....

What do you think happens next? Say you bet on the fight. Who'd you put your money on, and why?

Also, in honor of my 100 posts I'll be giving away a copy of

My Name Is Memory!

Just comment below and I'll select a random winner one week from today. (That's October 20th.)

Toodles my blogger friends. :-)

** Extra entries if you blog about the giveaway. :-)


  1. Fantastic! I'm putting my money on the werewolf. Even though some vampires have super-human strength, I think werewolves could do more damage with their teeth and hands.

    Happy 100th blog post!

  2. I vote werewolf. They are bigger and badder. Congrats on your 100th blogpost

  3. I say werewolf. Vampires may be smarter, and they are strong, but werewolves are stronger. Plus, vampires have been ruined for being badass anymore, but werewolves still have it.

    And congrats on your 100th post!