Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Positivity in Publishing

Some of my absolute favorite attributes in a person are positivity and integrity. I love that while there are so many shifty people out there, there's still some committed to doing the right thing and treating people with the respect they deserve. People who don't look at the world with narrowed, suspicious eyes.

I was thinking recently about publishing and how easy it is for new writers to blame big publishing houses or agents for lack of interest in their books, or going off because they're responsible for their own marketing, building platforms, etc.

I think it's important to have a certain amount of responsibility when it comes to getting the word out about your novel. It's YOUR novel, so if its not important enough for you to work on it, why should anyone else?

What I love to see is people approaching publishing with the same integrity and good attitude you see in everyday life. I get inspired by people talking about everything they went through to get published. I respect those people who go into the industry knowing what's involved and they charge in anyway, and I REALLY respect those who are shot down and persevere instead of jumping on the internet and screaming at the world.

Getting published isn't a right. Just because you write a book, doesn't mean that someone somewhere absolutely has to read it. The only thing you can do is work your hardest to come up with something you're ridiculously proud of and see what happens.

At the end of the day if you're not doing this for yourself, then you're doing it for the wrong reasons. And every single day I read a blog, or see an interview from someone who made it through the maze of publishing and out the other side.

I think sometimes its easy to get caught up in the fantasy of it all, and the what-ifs (What if this is a best seller? What if I get to go on Ellen? What if they make it into a movie?) Then they feel stomped on when things don't turn out exactly as they plan. But getting published is hard. Writing the freaking book in the first place is hard! And it makes me sad to know there are people all over getting their hearts crushed by rejection e-mails.

So stay positive. With every ugly response, send out an even brighter query. With every form rejection, take a breath and keep going. Positivity is the only way you'll get through this. Just smile and click send a few hundred more times. And NEVER, ever give up.

Because eventually you'll get there. It may take a year, it may take ten years, but at some point you're going to get that call/e-mail whatever, and it'll all be worth it.


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Thursday, October 13, 2011

MonsterFest, and my 100th blog post!

Yay! This is officially my 100th blog post!

It is also my 2nd MonsterFest post, (should have been my third, but my husband just got back from his Air Force duties and things have been a little crazy around here.)

So, since the post I missed was supposed to be about Vampires, and this one about Werewolves, I think I'll combine the two in a ... are you ready for it?

Vampire VS. Werewolf fight to the death!

Sounds ominous right?

Because it is!

Creature of the Moon VS the Creature of the Night!

Let's meet the contenders:

Immortal, super strong, blood sucking, badass.

Violent, powerful, often sexy, piece of scare-your-ass-off (see my last post)

Pay your admission, and take your seats. The show is about to begin.

The arena is packed.
Thousands of seats surround the battle area below.
A dome shaped cage towers over the bloodstained floor. The metal pattern- a mix of stainless steel, silver, and tungsten carbide for your protection- loops together to create a barrier between the fight and the innocent bystanders. Two trap doors stand out on either side of the floor to let the contestants in.

People are restless. A large man in the seat behind you hoots and hollers so loud your ears are ringing. The crowd is thirsty for blood.

Above the cage a massive television shows the stats of each fighter. Cliche pictures of each beast play in loops from various movies and TV shows. People laugh when they show the sparkly vampire.

No one will sparkle tonight- unless you count the sheen of blood under the harsh fluorescents.

The announcer comes over the speakers, sounding both ominous and proud of himself as he announces the start of the seventy fifth Paranormal Battle. He welcomes us all and the crowd goes wild.

They know what's next.

Without any warning at all the trap doors fly open and the Vampire contestant appears out of thin air on the floor behind it. He's tall and broad shouldered. The harsh lighting makes his skin look even paler- whiter than white, and a stark contrast to his bright red hair. He turns, almost casually and snarls at the crowd, flashing his fangs.

The people in the front row jump, but continue to cheer. The Vampire throws himself at the cage and a brilliant blue spark runs through the entire dome, finding a home in his hands. The force of the electrocution throws him backwards but that's not what seems to have harmed him.

His hands are bloody and foaming from the contact with the silver.

Then, very slowly, a hunched figure climbs out of the trap door on the other side. At first all you see is a head, and then shoulders, but they're covered in hair as black as night. The creature unfolds itself and lets out a roar so loud it rattles your teeth.

For a moment everyone is silent, and then they cheer even louder.

The announcer wishes us a good evening, and then in a low, smooth voice "May the best animal win."

A bell goes off, and without hesitation the two creatures throw themselves through the air. They collide and the sound is what you'd expect a wrecking ball to make when it smashes through a building.

The first spray of fresh blood splatters the floor....

What do you think happens next? Say you bet on the fight. Who'd you put your money on, and why?

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Toodles my blogger friends. :-)

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Monday, October 3, 2011

A Werewolf Attack

Good evening blogger friends! This is my first post for MonsterFest 2011, and I have devoted it to the various (possible) methods of defending yourself from a Werewolf attack!
(Of course, it'll help if you're hugely muscled and totally kick ass like say Hugh Jackman, or that guy that plays Eric on True Blood **sigh**)

But for us normal folk, let me spin you a little story...

You're walking home. Its a few weeks until Halloween and it's just barely cold enough to see your breath puff out in front of you as you cut through the closed up housing project at the edge of town. You pass the houses that actually got finished before the development ran out of money. Slowly the other houses get a little less, and less done until there's nothing but concrete slabs on the ground. The exposed wood has gone moldy, and the tarps used to cover some of the open areas have long since blown off. You walk into the last section, still mostly treed, and look for the bike path that leads to your street.

The moon is shining up above, and there's a little layer of fog on the ground. You just spot the bike path when you hear something snap behind you. You whirl, but there's nothing there. You can't see anything beyond the edge of the road. You stand absolutely still...

You shake your head and roll your eyes. You're being ridiculous. All those pre-Halloween marathons are getting to your head. You start walking again.

Another branch snaps, this time in front of you. Your heart begins to race, and you walk a little faster. You hear something growl, and you stick your hand into your purse to dig out your pepper spray. By the time you hear heavy, crunching steps you're flat out running down the path.

There's a light up ahead. About three hundred feet in front of you the bike path connects with your street. There's a streetlight right there at the end. If you can only make it into the light...

Something appears in the road ahead of you. One second your way was clear, and then the next completely obstructed. The figure is tall and hunched. It's back is heaving with its breath. You think it might be an injured person at first, but then it swings its massive head in your direction and flashes rows of razor sharp teeth at you. It's breath blows out in massive white puffs.

What to do?

1. Don't climb a tree. Werewolves are excellent climbers.

2. Don't scream. I mean, of course you're going to scream, but you shouldn't. They like it when you scream.

3. Running is a good idea... if you're superhuman and can somehow outrun a beast going upwards of 30 mph.

4. Your pepper spray should be totally helpful, of course by the time the thing is close enough for you to spray it (provided you don't get yourself, seeing as how you're shooting it off in the dark while you're screaming your head off) it's probably got it's super sharp claws in your gut. But hey, you got the last laugh right? I mean, it's going to be real angry that it's eyes are all stingy, and you're going to just chuckle... oh wait, you're dead.

5. You could hide in the woods! If you smelled like moss and were small enough to to be completely out of its crazy-night-werewolf-vision.

6. Playing dead is a great prelude to actually being dead.

Sounding a little hopeless? That's because we're talking about a WEREWOLF and unless you have a heavy duty pickup truck, silver tipped acrylic nails, or the brawn of Dwayne Johnson chances are, you're not making it to that streetlight.


1. Carry wolfs bane in your purse, since apparently you can't stay away from creepy abandoned places around the full moon.

2. Make the under-wire of your bra out of silver filament. That ought to be a surprise.

3. Keep an old school thermometer on hand. Mercury is the key. When the thing pins you on the ground and opens its gross wolfy mouth (complete with the ever present glob of drool) shove that sucker in there and break it. Then while its mouth is dissolving run off and get that truck I mentioned earlier. Back over it a few times, just to be sure.

4. Walk everywhere with Dwayne Johnson. Duh.

5. Get yourself with the pepper spray on purpose. The thing will probably take one look at you, say, "Nah, too easy" and run off to find someone less pathetic.

6. Don't be an idiot and walk around in the dark alone. (Besides werewolves, there are your average everyday criminals, and while they're not really that tough to hurt, neither are you.)

Oh, and this may be helpful. An old Belgian myth says that no house is safe from a Werewolf unless its built in the shadow of a Mountain Ash. (Disclaimer** Mountain Ash is mostly native to Europe, eastern Canada and the Northeast US.)

So maybe you could somehow find a Mountain Ash, while your scared, and its pitch black, and foggy, and stand under it...??

I don't know. Bottom line, you see a Werewolf in real life, chances are you're more likely to crap your pants than actually get out of there alive.

My suggestion? Invest in some silver jewelry.


(Ok, one little aside- I'm not a crazy person who thinks werewolves are real. Just thought I should put that out there. If you believe in them, sorry I called you a crazy person...)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Quote of the Day!

"He who has nothing to die for has nothing to live for."

-Moroccan Proverb

How did this happen?

I woke up this morning and my cute little baby was somehow three years old! They say time flies, and all of a sudden your little kids are grown, and man they weren't kidding. It feels like we brought him home from the hospital a few months ago.

So a BIG Happy Birthday to you, my little boy! I hope you enjoy your birthday pancakes!