Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Trendy Trendy Trendy

As I've mentioned a few times before, I've only been a real serious reader for a few years. But I was in high school, so can you really blame me? It was my JOB to be out doing stupid things, not reading the latest YA novel. I was suffering from that "I'm too cool to read" stage and spent most of my time stealing traffic cones and listening to James Blunt.

I named him Fabio... he had a pirate eye patch...

Since I've come to my senses I've seen three MAJOR trends in YA Fantasy publications. The Vampire novel, the Fallen Angel novel, and the Dystopian novel. Sure there have been other trends in between, but lets face it, when you think of the major best selling series in the last handful of years, what do you come up with? Me? I see Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, Fallen, Hush Hush, Matched and the always infamous Hunger Games. Again, vampires, fallen angels, and dystopian.

It's always funny to hear people try and guess what they think is next, and I'm in the mood for funny, so want to give it a shot?

People keep trying to tell me that Zombies are next, but I have to disagree. I mean, honestly, whats really ever sexy about a zombie?

"Oh I don't care that you're decaying, just pick that chunk of rotting flesh off your chin and kiss me!" Ah, I don't think so.

Sorry buddy...

So come on. Out with it. What do you predict? I'm going to say... Mermaids. No! Ghosts. No! Dragons! Oh man...

This could get uglier than Mr. Bloody Tie up there...


  1. Hmmm...I think you might be right about the mermaids. Or maybe werewolves will become popular again. Or not:)

  2. Yes, I would say werewolves that kill zombies.