Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My average day as an upublished Author/Stay at home mom...

1. Wake up, after not nearly enough sleep.
2. Chase a 2 yr old around the house to get him to eat something.
3. Facebook, blogspot, and email while Logan watches Cars for the bazillionth time.
4. Stare at my outline like I expect it to talk to me and tell me what's missing.
5. Put Logan down for a nap.
6. Elliptical and loud music for a half hour, then a shower.
7. More staring at my outline, missing actual writing.
8. Write a blog about how much I hate outlines, or possibly just the Quote of the Day!
9. Redo my playlist on iTunes, the ones from yesterday are already old.
10. Close my eyes and think what the songs remind me of, maybe those things will give me an idea.
11. Logan wakes up, more chasing, and more Cars.
12. Realize there's no way my ending can be my ending. It doesn't make any sense.
13. Pound my head into the keyboard.
14. Look up pictures of wolves for inspiration, then realize I just wasted an hour. I already know what wolves look like.
15. Make Logan watch something else, Cars is bugging me.
16. Calm him down when the dryer buzzer goes off and scares the crap out of him.
17. Chase him around for dinner.
18. Facebook and email again.
19. Bath time for Logan. He splashes while I sulk, thinking why I'm even bothering to write at all.
20. Logan's in bed, loud music and elliptical for another half hour.
21. Sit and sweat over the keyboard while I type, and erase everything I think of. Nothing is good enough.
22. Stop sweating, still erasing.
23. Scour the house and pick up all Logan's toys off the floor.
24. Stare off into space imaging my story like a movie, wondering still, what's missing?
25. Pull my hair out.
26. Light bulb. I get one good idea and scribble it several places- whiteboard, post-it, notebook- so I don't forget.
27. Go to bed too late, in preparation of getting up too early again.
28. Wake up a few minutes after I fall asleep, and think of something genius, scribble it down on the notebook by the bed.
29. Fall asleep, and plan to stay asleep this time.
30. I hear Logan crying through the monitor...

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