Sunday, August 22, 2010


I am so completely stuck!

Titling a novel is insanely difficult! I know in general, there's a good chance a publishing house or your agent will suggest changing the title for publication, and that can be for any number of reasons. I also know that if that happens to me, all this thinking and thesaurus searching is for nothing, but I'm still trying to find THAT title.

I want a title that gives the same feeling I get when I think of the story. That feeling you get when you read a novel that makes you keep reading. It has to match that and so far I've thought of a lot of good titles, but nothing that has that perfect fit feeling.

I researched articles on titling your story, and know that slapping the first thing you think of on your title page is ridiculous. I heeded their advice. I sat down with my white board and started writing out words that describe my novel, and short phrases. I took those words and looked them up in the thesaurus, I searched Amazon to see what other titles in my genre are named, for inspiration, and still haven't found THAT title. The perfect one.

So what do you think? Its a werewolf based story, and involves a rogue wolf hiding from his pack...

So far I have:

"Borrowed Time"
"Bite of Promise"
"Nowhere to Hide"
"Out of Reach"

They're sort of bland... but like I said before, I'm stuck!

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