Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Random Writing Stuff

I think I need to gain the ability to sit down and write out an outline. It sort of feels like doing homework, you know? The writing is like recess and the research and plot outlining is like math class.

But you cant graduate without knowing your math, just like I cant seem to keep my story straight with all my thoughts and scenes shoved into my brain. So that's my next task. I'll write out brief points that I want to cover in conversations, put them in order and fill it in with the scene it happens in.

It might work, and my hand might fall off if I go into too much detail, but I WILL finish this story. Three months I've put into this and I'm not about to let it fall apart now.

I'm probably too stubborn for my own good, but in this situation I wont see that as a fault. I'll keep writing until its finished, and I wont stop editing and revising until I'm proud of it.


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