Friday, July 2, 2010

First and Foremost

Hello all.

As a new person to the world of blogging I would first like to say "hi" and dive right in. I'm Megan, stay at home mom by day, hard working writer by night. Most nights I get sucked in and end up writing until three am, which is unfortunate for the amount of sleep I get, but most of the time its productive.

I'm addicted to the written word. My favorite place in town has to be the library and I'm surprised that most of the ladies who work there dont find themselves on a first name basis with me. I go in to return an armful of books, only to retrieve another armful from the hold section.

It only makes sense that I would eventually wonder what kind of story I would write myself- if I had the ambition to do so- and consequently stumbled upon an ad in a magazine for the Institute of Children's Literature and enrolled soon after. Its a course that's accomplished through a series of mail in assignments over the time period of a year or so, geared to polish your writing skills, teach you the ins and outs of query letters, and anything else they possibly can by way of support and information.
Currently I'm halfway done with the course, focusing on young adult readers for the moment.

The Institute is great, they have all sorts of resources for you not only during the duration of the course but also after graduation as well. They're all about support and the instructors are helpful and do everything they can to make sure you end up with the knowledge you want and need before the course is done. The mail in assignments are convenient and challenging, and they also allow me to continue to give all my attention to my son, who will be two in October, and requires quite a bit of it.

I recommend the Institute of Children's Literature for anyone who is in a similar position as me in that you have a child to care for or want a more relaxed way to learn what you need to in order to get published. I bet you wont be sorry you did.

Besides writing and the constant thought of someday being published, I spend the duration of my time that is not occupied by mothering either reading, writing, cleaning or wasting my life away on Facebook games. If anyone needs a neighbor on Farmville, let me know. ;-)

Don't let it be said that I live an exciting life. I can only hope that the future lends more by way of fun and less of dull, everyday things. One can only hope.

So there you go. My first post. How did I do?

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