Sunday, July 18, 2010

Being Lazy...

Ok, so... I haven't written anything in a few days. Posts, novel, Facebook updates, nothing!

All I can say is I've been lazy. Some days's I'm super motivated, and others... not so much.

One day I'll read a million pages of information about query letters and formatting and I'll get stoked. There's nothing that will keep me from writing and revising my story until its absolutely what someone is looking for. The next I'll barely pry myself off the couch to shower because I cant imagine being any more comfortable than I am right then. ;-)

Now, even I understand its a little premature to be researching literary agents and information on being published when I only have about 190 out of a prospected 400 pages of my novel finished, but I cant help it.

It's not all for nothing though. I read something today about cliches that threw me for a loop. It went on to give quite a few examples that I never would have considered as cliche's like "so quiet you could hear a pin drop." Not that that one is underused, but still.

So I see it as research and who knows, reading about some of this stuff might relieve me of some work later when I'm revising?

Other than that, like I said, everything has been at a standstill. Real life is getting in the way of the one that exists only underneath my fingertips, but that's to be expected. I've set a goal for myself though. 220 words by Wednesday. We'll see, usually that would be a piece of cake but taking into consideration my accomplishment over the last few days....


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